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Beyond Excuses: A Candid Reflection on Health and Fear

It's Sunday morning, the sun's about to rise in 10 minutes. Strapping on my ankle brace post my St Augustine accident, lacing up my go-to running shoes, I'm ready for a long run that I've been looking forward to all week. If you'd told me a year ago I'd be hyped for a run, I'd have thought you were nuts.

Aside from the ankle brace, I've have a CGM impanted in my left tricep. Wondering what a CGM is? It's a gadget for diabetics to deal with their insulin and glucose levels.

Now, you might be wondering, "Is Justin diabetic?" Honestly, I'm not sure. I haven't seen a doctor in almost 5 years. I've been spinning this story about how much I dislike doctors. But, who really likes going to the doctor, right? It's been my excuse to avoid facing the truth about my health. Anyone who looked at my waistline the past 5 years could see see health hasn't been my top priority these last 5 years, but I ignoring it, almost hiding it from myself.

My blind spot has been health, while I've been crushing it elsewhere. You have your own blind spot too. We all do. I "woke up" when I realized I've faced and beaten fear in other parts of my life. We all need to stop telling ourselves stories to justify avoiding the one fear we're dodging. I've been feeding myself this BS story, and it's turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy for the fear I've been hiding from. The tricky ego mind, you know? For me, the fear was living a short life. Skipping doctor visits and neglecting health was just making that fear come true.

You know how I always talk about your network being your net worth? Well, it's true. Shoutout to my friend Chance for pushing me to get real data on my health. He nudged me into getting this CGM after watching my progress the last year. He has been gently pushing me to become more health concious. Sometimes he wasn't so gentle, but don't we all need that? Check out his blank substack; maybe this blog will motivate him to share his wisdom more widely? We all have value to add to this world, even if you don't think you do.

I'm putting my blind spot out there for everyone to see. We've all have strengths, but we also ALL have weak spots. That's when we need people to call us out and give us a push.

Maybe your fear isn't health-related. Maybe it's fear of failure, judgment, or taking risks. Whatever it is, face it. Sometimes tough love is what we need, even if it stings a bit. Stop hiding from your fears; that story you're telling yourself is just plain stupid.

So, with my glucose sensor in my left tricep, I headed out for a 10K on a random Sunday morning. Noticed easy breathing at mile 2, tried out some food refueling during the run. I was making mental notes to compare with the scientific data from the monitor on my arm. I've been experimenting with the CGM to see how food, exercise, and sleep affect my glucose and body. Finished the 10K feeling fantastic.

Next I'm compared my notes with CGM data, getting insights into my health. The data backs up what I feel, like a kind of faith. You know those beliefs you have, but can't explain with proof? When I can't prove it, but I feel it, the CGM teaches me to trust those feelings not just about health!

I've been on a health journey this past year, my weightloss is noticable, my lab results reflect my hard work. I'm blessed with time freedom so I've dedicated a lot of time to cardio and weightlifting the last 12 months.

My network is everything; having people push me beyond my comfort zone brings value and growth. Stop hiding from your fears; you can change your story anytime without owing anyone an explanation. This CGM has done wonders, not just for my health but for faith in myself.

In sharing this personal journey, I hope my vulnerablity serves as a source of motivation for you to confront your own blind spot—the one you've been dodging with a fabricated story. We're all destined for something more, meant to achieve and be more than you might currently believe.

Remember, this is your playbooktofreedom. I'm here for you, ready to support and encourage every step of the way. Head over to my Instagram at @playbooktofreedom for ongoing motivation and a community where we navigate stock market trading together. You've got this!


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