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Beyond the Dollar Signs: Reframing Your Perspective on Wealth

"He who works all of his life to become wealthy and does not learn to enjoy it while he is making it is likely to find that he cannot enjoy it when he has it."- Ray Dalio

You’ve probably heard money can't buy happiness… I bet your first thought was "let me at it, I'll give it a try!" I’ve thought the same thing! But listen we can all agree there are plenty of people who are still miserable while sitting on a mountain of money. This might be tough to digest, but the key to being happy probably doesn't have much to do with money, you could choose to be happy right now, just as you are regardless.

When building your own PlaybookToFreedom, there's one big piece of the puzzle to wrap your head around: shifting your mindset about money.

Let’s get real - money is a tool, not a goal. You've heard people say it a million times, "I want a million dollars." But WHY? What's the real goal behind the goal? If you are digging a hole you want a shovel not a hammer, right??? So, what do you want to DO with the money.

Let me back up, if you're sweating over bills or struggling to put food on the table, then yeah, getting more money is a real goal. It's essential, but the money is still a tool. Your focus might be different because it’s literally life and death. But once you have your essentials covered, it's time to flip the script on your mindset about money. More money is no longer your primary goal. Your purpose, your function, your dream - that's your PRIMARY goal.

Here's the thing that so many money groups get wrong. They're so fixated on the money goal they're blinded to what life is really about. I hear over and over how people want to make 10k in passive income every month and then they'd 'retire'? But what's that money really for? What's your dream? What are your goals? Why are you here? I watch these groups and their members keep moving the goal post, just another x amount of dollars before I…. Just another 6 months before I….

When you dig deep into what you truly want to do, often you'll find you can start doing it right now. Or at least WAY sooner than you ever thought. And that's why you have to start thinking about money as a tool, not a goal. This mindset shift can blow your life wide open, but you've to let go of the ego's need for status.

So here's the deal: start focusing on money as a tool. Think about money like a shovel. If you are planting a flower in your garden do you want a hammer? Do you really need an excavator to plant a tulip bulb? It sounds silly when I type it this way, but honestly that’s how so many people think about money. I hope you at least consider thinking about it from my perspective.

It's not about status. It's not about how other people see you. It's about getting you to your dreams. Remember, this is your PlaybookToFreedom. And at the end of the day, it's not about having money, it's about living your life, your way. Now go out there and make it happen!

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