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Blue Light Special: Mastering Your Inner Dialogue


"Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Attention Kmart shoppers, pause for a moment and eavesdrop on Justin's internal chatter" - because the most intriguing conversations happen within. Everyone listen up I have a powerful thought for you to consider this week!

Do you remember the days of Kmart's blue light specials, where the store's loudspeaker would echo a promotion, urging you to dash over and snag a deal before the buzzer rang? If you don’t remember that, because I'm old, hopefully you've heard someone getting paged at Walmart: "Justin Maxwell your party is waiting for you at customer service," a great way to embarrass someone by putting the spotlight on them. Letting the whole store know they are there and their friends are waiting at the front, probably laughing.


Now, I want you to imagine if that same loudspeaker broadcasted your inner thoughts to the entire store. What if everyone could hear the dialogue you have with yourself? Would you feel proud of the storyline echoing through the aisles? I've been asking myself this question all week, because as I’ve previously written there is power in our inner dialogue.

Sometimes the things we say to ourselves are darker than we'd like to admit. Why is it acceptable to talk to ourselves in a way we'd never allow others to talk or treat our loved ones? I believe part of the reason is we have a tendency to be overly critical of ourselves. No one knows your deepest secrets and skeletons in the closet like you do. It's time to shift this internal conversation and start giving yourself more grace. We don't value ourselves as much as we should. You really aren't any different than the idols you look up to, you just don't have the belief. Your thoughts are literally holding you back. It's not all the time, but it's defiantly a recurring issue, and when you think about broadcasting these thoughts to everyone around you, you quickly realize the narrative needs to change.

I’m writing about this, because I’ve been struggling with giving myself grace. I find myself being overly focused on the negative. So, when I think about announcing my inner dialogue it has really helped me shift the way I think. Don't misunderstand, it's not like I'm always like this, but it's those hard times, or that one topic you struggle with that you need to focus on.

This week, I challenge you to consciously consider how you speak to yourself when no one else is around. Especially focus on what you say when things get a little difficult. Imagine if your inner dialogue were on full display—would it uplift and empower you, or would it reveal a harsh critic? Let's rewrite the script of our inner monologues, embracing a mindset that reflects the respect we deserve.

In the playbook to freedom, mastering your inner dialogue is a crucial chapter. It's time to transform that internal loudspeaker into a source of inspiration, kindness, and self-affirmation. Next time you catch yourself in a negative conversation with yourself, remember: you are deserving of the same love and respect you freely give to others. I’m still a work in progress, we all are. You got this! I'm here for you, ready to support and encourage every step of the way. Head over to my Instagram at @playbooktofreedom for ongoing motivation and checkout a community where we navigate stock market trading together.

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