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Dare to Dream: A Playbook for Freedom Seekers!

"How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?" - Epictetus

As we head into the weekend, and things start to slow down it's a good time to spend some time with your thoughts. Take what serves you. Ignore what doesn’t.

Email me and let me know what resonates with you!

  1. It's fine to push yourself beyond the comfort zone. This week's picture I'm running with people who are way faster than I am. Keep up while you can, don't be ashamed or afraid when you have to run your own race.

  2. How are those new years resolutions coming along? I know it sounds funny but as we start Q2 on Monday what IF you really were still on track for your January first “new year, new you” plans?

  3. Make yourself some goals that really matter to you. Track the things that matter. Too many successful leaders I admire stress the importance of habit tracking and accountability. If you don’t have a target, it’s much harder for you to hit the bullseye and actually grow and expand .

  4. Most people are so afraid of losing that they keep themselves from winning. Then the cycle of sameness continues. If you want to win, you have risk losing. There's no way around it.

  5. Goals should not stop you from your dreams. I used to avoid specific goals because I was afraid of disappointing myself. Don’t be afraid of failure, push yourself, but also enjoy the journey!

  6. Be the person you are… Who really cares? If you are being someone else so people like you or accept you it’s just a matter of time before someone is disappointed. If people don’t like who you truly are it’s better to go ahead and get it out of the way now.

  7. When I was growing up, I didn’t always listen to what my parents wanted me to be (successful aka a doctor/lawyer, bold, brave) but I sure watched what they did. I learned more about what I didn’t want to be by watching what they did. Let’s all watch what we do, not just what we say.

  8. When your plans don’t go exactly as you had planned, don’t be discouraged. The path is not always straightforward and as direct as you think it should be. Predetermined outcomes don’t normally come to fruition the way we think it should. And that’s OK!

  9. Money is a tool not a goal. I know we all want more money, but we want the things money can provide us. PLEASE figure out why you want the money and start doing the things you love and dream about today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

  10. Today is a new day! This day is a gift you have been given. How are you going to use it?

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading these words. In case no one has told you recently, YOU MATTER. If I can build a life of freedom so can you. You’ve got this, and I believe in you!

See you next week! Head over to my Instagram at @playbooktofreedom for ongoing motivation and a community where we navigate stock market trading together.


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