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Living Authentically: Love, Change, and Creative Pursuits

"If I can love you without trying to change you, could you do the same?" Mike Posner

Today's quote comes from a singer who has really changed his life since his rock star days, and he's inspired me over the last year. Watch his Ted Talk. I think you'll Enjoy it, I watched it a few times. It's REALLY good.

Things I’m thinking about, Pictures from the week, What I'm consuming, What I'm creating this first week of April 2024. In no particular order. Take what serves you. Leave the rest.

  1. It's hard to read the label while you're inside the bottle- What you feel like is going inside is not visible to everyone else. Sometimes you should ask others what they see for more perspective. Always remember you can't see the magic inside so try to quiet negative inner dialogue. It doesn't go away, ignore it.

  2. Your mind follows your breath- Stop focusing on your mind and focus on your breathing. Our breath changes when we are excited, happy, scared, calm. Control your breath, control your emotions! They tell you to count to 10 for a reason. This is why breathing exercises are so powerful in meditation. Wim Hof is my favorite

  3. Reaching the goal is not important- You do not change when you reach your goal, you change when you set your goal. You become the person when you set your mind on the goal. The result is actually irrelevant, set goals to change yourself.

  4. True happiness comes from growth- That doesn't mean it's not painful, trust the process, keep growing. Happiness comes from accomplishment. Accomplishment comes from growth. Keep growing! Push through!

  5. You never know what someone is going through- We tend to put people in a box of our expectations. When we don't get the response we expect, we take it personally. It isn't personal, I guarantee you are wrong if you make assumptions. Not only should you give the other person grace. If you care ask.

  6. Do not let someone else's "I told you so" stop you- "I told you so" stops far too many people. Randy Travis wrote a whole song on I told you so. Other people's input should not stop you from chasing your dreams. WHO CARES if you fail. Who cares if they say I told you so, let them have the ego, you keep crushing even if you fail forward.

  7. "Hey, quick text to say I love you"- Text someone you love, tell them you love them. Don't wait for tomorrow or next time you see them. DO IT NOW I guarantee you will make their day. If you are reading this still, please know I love you and appreciate you!

Images from my week:

This my favorite coffee!

I made the 'mistake' of buying some when I was in Puerto Rico and got addicted.

The COOLEST part is that I didn't pay for this 4 pack.

Two people used the buymeacoffee button on 

EVEN COOLER: the person who made the largest contribution isn't even trading yet, but she donated the most money. Feels good to be appreciated.

I'm building an awesome guide on technical analysis. Showing you all my favorite chart patterns. It's almost ready too! This flag is just a small peek.

I never realized how much work goes into making good content. I have so much more appreciation for what I see others doing after I've been creating my own.

My cold plunge chiller 'broke' meaning it wouldn't stop cooling..

Although 33 degree water was a great shock, my electric bill was crazy. And 33 degree water hurts a bit too much for daily use.

Modtub replaced the chiller for me, all I had to do was cut the cord on the old chiller! Good customer service still exists.

I had to send in this picture to prove the old chiller was disabled. Its a cut power cord and the serial number.

I despise lunges, so when Michael Easter's burn the ships April challenge was weighted lunges until failure I dreaded the thought of doing this.

I think that's the whole point of his 2% newsletter. DUH... Here's a picture of my knee hitting the ground on each lunge.

His newsletter is BY FAR the best paid newsletter I've ever read. You should TOTALLY SUBSCRIBE

yes, it's a referral link, use it or dont.. but sign up. it's soooo good.

I 'enjoyed' 1 hour and 17 minutes of lunges this week. I couldn't walk the next day.

There is nothing I hate more than thinking about cutting okra growing up. I'm talking about breaking out in a panicked sweat...

I hear it's spineless now, but I still remember the intense itching even when we wore tube socks on our forearms.

Zero delta (chance) I grow okra. But I'll buy it at the store. Someone else can itch. lol

Yes I left two pictures aligned right for my OCD friends. Deal with it :)

This week I've been focusing on coursework on how to build a community and youtube.

You know it's funny when you think about it I built a community over a year ago without getting professional help this would have made things easier. Big improvements are coming!

I'm also taking a course on making better youtube channels for GKT's Youtube

at least I've only made a few video before I took this course. LOL

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading these words. In case no one has told you recently, YOU MATTER. If I can build a life of freedom so can you. You’ve got this, and I believe in you!

See you next week! Head over to my Instagram at @playbooktofreedom for ongoing motivation and a community where we navigate stock market trading together.


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