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Money, Dreams, and Determination: What I Learned at BPcon

Last week, I found myself amidst the hustle and bustle of BPcon in Orlando that drew about 2,500 passionate real estate investors. Now, you might wonder, why would someone who's all about the stock market invest his time and money attending such an event? Well, here's the thing – I've said it before, and I'll say it again: your network is your net worth.

Now, picture this: You walk into a lobby they day before the conference and it’s swarming with 1,500 people, all tightly packed together, the noise hitting you like a jet engine. Multiple groups huddled, everyone seemingly in on their own little circles. It was intimidating, to say the least. But you know what they say, the only way through intimidation is action.

If you've been to events like these, you know the drill. Some speakers hit the mark, while others, well, not so much. Some breakouts are genuinely awesome, some reinforcing what you already know. It's funny how we, as humans, sometimes need that extra push. It's like a dose of confidence when you've got a bit of self-doubt creeping in.

But here's the kicker, the grand realization: So many people are still chasing money goals. I met multimillionaires who, believe it or not, are after more and more. And that's perfectly fine in my book. But what struck me was when I asked them what the money was for – crickets. They didn't have a concrete answer.

And this, my friends, is the moment when I understood that many folks just don't grasp the concept that money is a tool, not a goal. It's the self-doubt that causes dreams to shrink, making us lose sight of our true power. We forget that no one knows all our secrets like we do. No one knows about the little mistakes we've made because, truth be told, most people are too busy thinking about themselves.

So, here's a reminder for all of us: Keep pushing beyond your comfort zone, expand your network continually, and never forget to dream – dream big. And remember, that dream isn't just about money. When your dreams are big and deeply meaningful, you'll be willing to put in the consistent effort, day in and day out, to achieve what's vital to you. Stay focused, even if it means scribbling your goals on your bathroom mirror – because you can't control the outside forces, but you sure can master yourself.

Keep an open mind because, sometimes, even if you've heard the same story three times in a row, you'll still benefit, albeit perhaps not in the ways you initially expected. It's all about being flexible, embracing change, and being open to new connections. After all, if you attend a real estate conference and end up with new friends who don't talk about real estate at all, that's perfectly fine

I hope you find this useful, this content has helped me find a life of freedom, it's my intent it helps you as well! I'm here for you send me an email if you want to connect directly!

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