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#1 way reach your goal, Live like you mean it, Debt, $100 adds up

Epic words from Willie Nelson:

" I could cry for the time I've wasted but that's a waste of time and tears and I know just what I'd change if went back in time somehow, but there's nothing I can do about it now I'm forgiving everything that forgiveness will allow and there's nothing I can do about it now" -


7 Thoughts 

1. Live like you are dying- One of the masterminds I’m part of discussed this blog post.

I’ve know for a while there are less days in front of me than there are behind me not too shocking.

These blocks below that you think are months may end up being weeks or even days. For everyone who tells me, you go too hard, you say yes too much, you are too nice to people... Thanks! This human version of me will go knowing I gave it my all! Hope you do the same, where are you on this graph, do you realize it's possible you could be on the last bubble?

2. Let your actions (not your words) speak for you.  You don't always have to speak with your mouth. Actions show you mean what you said.

3. Good News- If you don’t think you are good enough, if you don't know your purpose in life, there is good news. For many years I didn’t know my purpose and I never felt good enough. But I kept taking baby steps in the direction I thought was right. It’s going worked out just fine. Somethings are bigger than we are, we just don't know it at first.

4. Lean into the gray- Nothing is actually black or white, it's a choice to see it that way. Stop blocking, restricting and limiting yourself through these labels. Look at it from a higher perspective. See it differently.

5. STOP SETTLING- You're settling for less until you realize you are made for more.

6. Debt will crush you in hard times- I get how important it is to leverage, how powerful it is to grow your assets and wealth. It's also nice to have some cash and an emergency fund. Peace of mind is greater than being fully leveraged to me. If you haven't been through a hard time while you were leveraged, buckle up! You might enjoy it, but it might break you from going to fast in the future.

7. Teach your mind to side with you- Don't be your worst enemy. No need to solve problems that haven’t happened or don't even matter. Focus on positive momentum which most times is just taking the next step forward. It's already hard enough, be your own support system.

7 Images from my week:

I have cool toys. I am a rich guy who cuts his own grass, washes his own vehicles, there aren't things 'beneath me'. Yes... Millionaire's can be normal people too. Don't be confused by what you see on social media. Spent Saturday giving my tesla and my tractor a nice bath

I didn't plan on seeing the solar eclipse on Monday.

I happened to be outside and the clouds helped me catch this awesome sight.

Yeah I don't center my pictures, maybe a photography class is in my future

$100 adds up over time, really think about this chart, and the power of compounding over decades of time.

shinrin-yoku - that's the Japanese term. It translates to Forest Bathing.

I spent several days this week in the forest around my house.

What a great term, as spending time here alone without technology, you understand how it cleans you.

This helps my mental and physical health, and it's nice to enjoy the forest.

I have renamed my property from Willow Drive to Poison Ivy Farms.

I can't believe this is already growing when spring is just really starting.

I probably will break out in a rash just from taking this picture.

I can't stand poison ivy. I also can't apparently eradicate this on my own. I need your help. Join me in this fight!

What if I really farmed and sold poison ivy?

People are just itching for more... Gosh that's a horrible joke...

You probably see me on my tractor.

Maybe you see my pond.

It's a really pretty place.

I see how much work I need to do around the edge of the pond.

reference the picture right above this...

ordering ivy rest lotion right now!

I think I'll tackle this chore before I start showing pictures of snakes in next months blog. Yes I could hire someone, but there is satisfaction in doing it myself.


The number 1 way to reach your goals is this picture... When you are driving you stop, wait your turn or make sure the path is clear. But then:


do NOT change the rules for life.

If you want to succeed, you get up when you fail. You don't stop when things get hard. Maybe you pause for a second, make lefthand turn in your direction but you keep going!

If you totally stop you will NEVER reach your goals. You will fail every single time. Keep going my friends!


Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading these words. In case no one has told you recently, YOU MATTER. If I can build a life of freedom so can you. You’ve got this, and I believe in you!

See you next week! Head over to my Instagram at @playbooktofreedom for ongoing motivation and a community where we navigate stock market trading together.


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