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Secret Power of a Daily Routine

"We are what we repeatedly do"- Aristotle


Pregame Prep (today's overview)

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

If you grew up in the 80's like I did you know this was the combination for the original Nintendo to make the game easier to play. Referred to as a cheat code this made harder tasks in the game easier: granting you unlimited lives and giving you super powers. I've found a cheat code for daily success and it all starts with a regular daily routine.

As long as I can remember I've been an early riser, there is something very special, almost sacred in the silence and darkness before sunrise. I find clarity and my true self in silence and stillness. As everything / everyone starts waking up the senses within also awaken.

When I read Hal Elrod's Miracle Mornings he put my thoughts and action into words. His key practices "Life S.A.V.E.R.S" are something everyone should think about incorporating into their daily routine. SAVERS stands for: Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. The 5am club from Robin Sharma had so much resounding information of things I was already doing as well. Robin discussed blocking out time for deep work, using time that you normally 'waste' waiting in lines, commuting, breaks, lunches learning instead of consuming mind numbing content. Learning skills and getting better really is possible.


If you have a daily routine of 1 hour a day 5 days a week. In 5 years you will have spent 1,300 hours on self-care and self improvement. That’s basically 162 x 8 hour work days!! I think you should have a daily routine 7 days a week, but everyone needs to design a plan that works for them.

If you focus on yourself for 1300 hours you are going to come out a champion before 5 years. This is how small bits of focused time work over longer periods. This is your path to freedom and happiness.


Film Review (my experience)

The past year I've found a really sweet game plan for my daily routine. I've noticed huge change in my attitude, my health, and my wealth. I'm going to share what I do, not because I think you should copy it, but maybe something inspires a thought or idea for you

My morning routine actually begins before I go to bed. I read my hand written affirmations before bed and I think about the next day, I set a couple intentions and my most important goal(s) for the upcoming day (write them down, keep a journal near the bed). I express gratitude for 3 things. Then I sleep.

I don't need an alarm clock, somehow I tend to wake up between 4:45 and 5:15am no matter what time zone I'm in. I don't have specific"work hours" so the hour variance doesn't matter to me. It’s a running joke that my body somehow knows the local time? I don't know, I just embrace this internal clock.

Before getting out of bed I say thanks for another day, I run through a gratitude list. I rise with energy, I say my affirmations (always out loud) and review my goals for the day.

I play the morning rampage from Abraham Hicks while I make my coffee.

I spend some time in meditation. Don't over think meditation, just practice nothingness! Don't Google "am I meditating correctly" that means you are overthinking...

I also really enjoy morning walks/jogs at daybreak. Watching the sun rise, looking at nature and reflecting on just how much space there is. Thinking how many molecules make up a tree. How much space there is between branches, how much space there is between mountains, valleys, the moon, the sun. We are really small, even if the ego wants us to think we're important.

I then take a few moments to journal key thoughts, anything significant that I'm feeling thinking or ideas.

This takes me about an hour. Sometimes longer depending on distance I choose to walk/jog.

I think a lot about ego and judgement in my life. I don't want either to over crowd or take control. I hope you will also start thinking about ego and judgements as your biggest opponents. We can be a huge obstacle and our fiercest opponent.

I'd like to mention a couple things I don't particularly think about even though several books mention this… I do not think about what others do in their morning routines. I don't consider what "failures" do when I made up my morning routine. I don't care what a "failure" does. Don't give your time and energy to negatives, feed the positive! Your routine should not be designed to sound good, or contain components that you think others want to hear. Just because Hal says get up at 5am, that doesn't mean you should. Maybe you are a member of the 7am or 10am club.

Everyone needs to make a daily routine, and I think you should make an hour for yourself every morning! If that means you have to change your schedule you should. If you don't have enough time for yourself, what kind of life are you living? And, yes, I know children and jobs make it more challenging, but we all have time its just how we use our time (tiktok, instagram, facebook, television, etc)…

I'd like to urge you to think about what works best for you without thinking about how much better you are than people who don't have routines. Your actions your routine should not be based on negative energy or other peoples thoughts or labels… That isn't the mind of a championship coach. It's not sustainable to stay consistent when you don't believe in your process. Don't give attention to others, your success, and your progress is for you, no one else.

Offensive Game Plan (actions to obtain freedom)

Commit to making a daily routine. I'm not asking you to commit to a full hour a day until you are ready. But start with 15 minutes, add another 5 or 10 minutes. Find what works for you, and give yourself a chance to see results. Do not expect that things are going to suddenly shift after the first day or the first week. Its very possible they will if you keep an open minds, but your intention here is just as important as the process. Remember small chunks of time where you give full attention add up!

I will get into greater details about the importance of each of these in upcoming posts, but for now I want you to commit creating a daily routine, and I want you to start this week with the following G.A.M.E. plan

Gratitude, Affirmation, Meditation, Education

Lets start off simple. Before you go to bed tonight I want you to write down (yes write it on paper!) 3 things you are grateful for. You can go as deep or shallow as you want with the gratitude statements, if you are having a tough week, be grateful you have arms or legs or eyes… The more meaningful the better, if you are ready to switch these up every day that is awesome!

Also write down at least 3 statements of affirmations that start with the words "I am". The I am statements should reflect the best part of you and it's fine to speak about your future vision of yourself. ( I am strong, I am wealthy, I am going to impact many lives, I am powerful, I am an amazing spouse/parent…). I will do an entire post on affirmations as I strongly believe in them to achieve freedom, purpose, and power!

For the next week you will read/write your gratitude statements and recite your affirmations EVERY night and EVERY morning. Bonus points if you read them out loud, also you should do this in front of a mirror for the best results.

Practice Meditation: Try a guided meditation if you are new to meditation. Start with simple meditations focusing on breath. You can use youtube or an app like calm. If you are more advanced you can do your own meditation. The point is practice this every single day for at least 5 mins. Work up to 15-30 mins. Don't worry if you are doing it "right" just do it! Try to think about nothing. Set a timer and practice!

Education: Spend 15-20 minutes learning something important to you. Watch a video, read an article, grow your expertise! It's important to spend some time each morning improving your knowledge. We all need improvement. Every great coach/mentor I have still learns and improves daily.

Defensive Game Plan (actions to defend your freedom)

Find the time for yourself. We all have busy schedules, block the defense who is looking to tackle you at a moment's notice! The time you take for yourself actually helps everyone and everything around you, it seems counter intuitive at first, but starting your day with a daily routine is life changing.

Resist the urge to check text messages, social media, check stock market futures or watch the news as soon as you wake up. This was hard for me initially, and some days when I'm opening up the morning rampage the notifications are tempting. If you resist the urge to let other outside forces set your daily tone and thoughts you can not believe the power and freedom YOU can create. You set the tone for your day, no one else!

Don't let doubt, failure or missing a day or two stop you. This is about consistency and trying new morning tactics to start off your day. Just get back in your routine when the defense tackles you. Don't fall into victim mode, just get right back into the routine.

Audible: (unplanned changes to the plan)

Change up your routine after a couple weeks to what works best for you. Just remember to give this all a chance and don't quit any of the key areas I described above. These are important to success, but everyone is different so it makes sense to make your routine your own.

Penalty Flags:

Do not tell yourself or me you don't have time for this. That is a personal foul with extreme consequences. You make time for things you want to do. Our yourself first and remember we all make time for things we want to do. Maybe less time on tiktok, less time watching whatever popular series is streaming right now... If you are serious about freedom and happiness don't make this excuse.

Post-Game Review (key takeaway)

How you start your day is really important. While every day won't be perfect a daily routine that you design that fits your lifestyle makes success so much easier. Consistency is key! It's called a routine because it needs to become a daily habit to really see the results and feel the power!

Hey Coach! (Connect with me)

What does your daily routine look like, do you need help creating your G.A.M.E. plan? I am here for you! Email me

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