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Simple Focus

'"focus and simplicity: once you get there, you can move mountains"- Steve Jobs


Pregame Prep (today's overview)

Broken focus is our enemy, the ability to successfully multitask is not very common at all. In fact multitasking is probably holding you back from executing your ideal game plan. Let's discuss how focus and simplicity have been two important keys to my success. This simple focus applies to all areas of my life, my businesses, and even my stock trading. Multitasking can be a trap that actually does not get you any closer to the endzone. It is not easy to toggle between different things and still be productive.

The more simple and the more focus I put into a goal, project, or task the better my results. We often want immediate results so we focus on multiple tasks and what ends up happening is we end up with multiple incomplete projects with no tangible results. When we focus on completing a task, even a small one, it builds a confidence and a sense of satisfaction. Completing the task also removes the item from the todo list! When out to do list doesn't end its easy to get overwhelmed, distracted, and we do not know what the next play should be resulting in incomplete projects everywhere and a general state of frantic confusion.


Concentration prevents multitasking: exceptional outcomes become possible when you commit undefined attention to a specific task. When you focus with all your power, all your resources, your ability to achieve the impossible becomes possible!


Film Review (my experience)

For years I've heard how effective leaders multitask, the power of being able to do multiple things at one time. After more study I realized this is true but for very few. Many of my truly successful coaches and mentors actually have extreme focus and don't really multitask that much. Please understand they know how to pivot, they can change direction from offense to defensive in a split second, but most of them aren't playing multiple games at one time. If they are they have other people or teams executing the plays.

I'm on a cruise as I type this, and I am reminded of a speech Earl Nightingale gave where he discussed how a captain of a ship knows exactly where the ship is going, he knows where his next port is, he understand his ship cannot be in two ports at one time. His team understands their role in getting the ship to the next port. Will there be obstacles? Changes to the itinerary? of course! This week fog in Tampa Bay caused a delay of over 8 hours for this captain. But the focus never changed, the execution did. Sometimes a port gets skipped, sometimes forces outside of our control happens, we pivot and we keep going! If you build a game plan where each "player" has a defined task/goal and you keep focus, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. I know this because I've done it.

When we get clear on our purpose, when we filter goals, tasks, projects through a statement of purpose our productivity, achievement and more importantly our freedom comes to us faster. (If you aren't familiar with a statement of purpose take my course).

If you let too many distractions into our game plan you lose focus and end up confused if you are on offense or defense. Are you headed to Mexico or are you going to Europe? Don't go to both at the same time else you will end up making no progress. If you head to Mexico for 4 hours, then head to Europe the next 4 hours you will find yourself in an infinite loop. Become the Coach/Captain of your life by focusing on what's important. Keep your tasks simple, the more complex tasks should be broken down into easy obtainable steps. If you have lofty goals, which I encourage everyone to have, just remember how you eat an elephant… One bite at a time.

Offensive Game Plan (actions to obtain freedom)

Identify your key players (strengths) - what are your strengths? What are you happiest doing? If a coach has a running back that is built like a tank, it would be foolish to keep passing to a receiver who can't catch. What areas of your life are you trying to force? Don't ignore you strengths and only pour into your weakness. Improvement is great, but focusing on your strengths is the fast track for freedom.

Practice keeping your attention on a single task for 15 minutes, build up to an hour. If you are focused on the endzone you are bound to score more points than your opponent's even if it's not a straight path. Pour your focus and attention into your goals, not looking forward to the next game until this one is won.

Make a plan for the day (eventually for your week). Have the most important thing you need to accomplish for the day and the week. Keep this list pretty short and keep your focus into getting the tasks complete. I'm urging you to actually write out a list for your day and your week, put some appointments on your calendar for times where you can focus on one thing from your list. Watch your list evolve into a championship game plan as you complete tasks.

Consider a BHAG for a couple areas of your life. A BHAG is a big hairy audacious goal (something that not only scares you, but it feels impossible). Having a couple goals and learning to put focus into things that scare you or feel impossible are important to building up your confidence, improving your focus, and learning that even though we all want results and we want them right now… Instant gratification isn't as important as society wants us to believe, most of the time that instant gratification goes away as fast as the impulse of the wanting.

Defensive Game Plan (actions to defend your freedom)

Broken focus is the enemy - don't lose sight of your goal, even if the plan doesn't go exactly as you expect you keep your focus and don't let distractions or the opponent take your power away from you.

Consistency is key, if you lose focus, don't let doubt/guilt/second guessing stop you. It's easy for gradual loss of focus to creep in, at first it's just a day or two, then a week, then you look up and you've lost a year… If you lose sight you lose focus! Monitor this creep, make a rule where you can have a day off, but you must have a plan to get back in the game by a certain and definite time!

Don’t mistake information for intelligence, distractions are everywhere it a nearly constant stream of information. It's your responsibility to block the stream coming at you, allow the relevant to come through, but keep in mind more and more information does not always make you smarter, all of this information has the ability to take you further from your goal and your freedom.

Audible: (unplanned changes to the plan)

Your plans will not always go according to your vision. Change the execution if you see the defense has 8 people on the line of scrimmage, change to a pass. Don't let a single bad call deter you, PIVOT!

Special teams:

The concepts I'm discussing may sound crazy to you, several years ago I would write all of this off and crazy mindset BS.. I encourage you to keep an open mind, as I discussed previously, an open mind is key for freedom. I'll get into more details on just how powerful simple mindset changes really are. For now let's just remember BS stands for Belief System and it's time to consider changing!

Penalty Flags:

I understand family, children, and jobs can interfere with some of the concepts I discussed. Please continue to take care of your responsibilities, but I will definitely throw a penalty flag on anyone who says they don't have time to focus, or don't have time for goals or dreams… Everyone has time, some people have more than others sure… But you make time for things you want to do, so please don't get in the mindset I don't have time.

Post-Game Review (key takeaway)

I still remember my high school football coaching screaming at us to KISS it… He wasn't encouraging us to lock lips, he was reminding us to 'Keep It Simple Stupid', every person on the team knew their job, we practiced simple techniques over and over. He definitely over emphasized the stupid part of the phrase, but he still loved us; I won't even mention the time he made me drive down the interstate without my hands because "the car drives better when you touching the wheel" (he was also my driver's ed teacher)… He didn't have it all right, but you can learn from people who aren't right about everything!

If you pour your focus into your goals, if you don't get caught up in distractions of never ending information, and you find what work best for you and stick with it… The world becomes a powerful vortex where you can make amazing progress and find your dreams. It's up to you to avoid breaking your focus, to keep your attention on what you really want!

Hey Coach! (Connect with me)

Do you need help getting focused? What is your big hairy audacious goal (BHAG)? What scares you to think about, but you know you should do? If you need help or just want to chat I am here for you! Email me

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