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Spend or Save? Crafting Your Path to Ultimate Financial Freedom

Listen up, because this isn't just about money, it's about mindset and the choices you make every day. There are two primary money mindsets: the savers and the spenders. And if you're nodding because you've identified which category you fall into, hear me out.

To my spenders, if you're naturally inclined to spend, that's okay. But guess what? If freedom's what you're chasing, you're gonna have to shift gears and decide that saving is a game you want to win. It has to be a non-negotiable priority.

And for the natural-born savers out there – hell yeah, you've got a head start! But here's the real deal: it's not just about saving, it's about what you *do* with those savings.

The golden ticket? Pay yourself first. Before the bills, before the splurges. This isn't just about building wealth; it's about valuing and respecting yourself. That's real freedom. And I promise, the more you have lying around doing nothing, the more you’ll feel like splurging. But, if you're really prioritizing YOU, you'll savor the discipline of saving.

I've always been the guy who gets a rush from saving, way more than any high-end purchase. Sure, I've got that brand-new Tesla, but guess what? I paid cash, and it barely made a dent. That's because I've been on this game for a long time, prioritizing my future over short-term temptations.

Here's a truth bomb: if you're thinking, "I'll save when I make more money," that's BS. If you can't save a dime out of a dollar, you won't save a hundred out of a thousand. It's about the habit, not the amount. Like I always preach – it's those tiny, repetitive steps that lead to massive results.

Now, I've heard the saying– "cash is trash." And sure, leverage can be a powerful tool. But over-leverage? That's a nightmare. Wealthy happy people? They've got cash on hand. Always. Wealthy miserable people? Over-leveraged.

Your next steps? Diversify your savings, hunt down passive income opportunities, and build those income streams. Before you know it, you'll have a river of money flowing straight to you.

And if you're really looking for a pro-tip: when that raise comes in, increase your savings by that exact amount. Trust me, lifestyle inflation is real. By the time I stepped away from the corporate grind, over 75% of my W2 paycheck was funneled straight into savings, maxed out IRAs, and maxed out my employee stock purchase plan.

So, make a choice: are you going to be a slave to your spending or master the art of saving?

I hope you find this useful, this content has helped me find a life of freedom, it's my intent it helps you as well! I'm here for you send me an email if you want to connect directly!

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