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Stories We Tell: Rewriting the Script of Your Life

"Life is what happens between the beginning and the end. Write your story well." - Ernest Hemingway

What's your story? Stop and think for a second: What's that narrative you've been telling yourself, what's your story? Is it uplifting you, or is it holding you back? I’ve been focused on this for years, your inner dialog is important, and this week I found myself getting caught up in my story (again)…

You know that old kids' rhyme, "Step on a crack, break your momma's back"? Looking back now it’s wild. We used to hop and skip, dodging those sidewalk cracks, honestly thinking that our tiny feet could somehow save or cause an earthquake in our mom’s world. Looking back, it's kinda funny and super silly.

Real Facts: Some of us (all of us) are still dancing around those "cracks." Yeah, they're different now - maybe it's a job we're scared to leave, a relationship that’s not serving us, or a dream we're too nervous to chase. But just like those cracks on the sidewalk, the fears holding us back. Most of them are stories. Made-up tales we tell ourselves, and over time, we start believing they’re the gospel truth.

Every single day, you get to write your own story. But if you’re stuck on that same old chapter, where you’re scared of the sidewalk cracks, you will never turn the corner to find your true power and dreams.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. The stories we let loop in our heads? They shape our realities. So, ask yourself: Are the stories I’m believing helping me, or are they more make-believe that’s trapping me?

For myself, the past few days I got lost in some of my old beliefs. The old stories tried to sneak back in. It's all good I knew these stories very well, they are the stories that kept me l working a job I didn't like, for people who didn't care. These stories kept me from sharing my light with the world. The good news is, I also remembered exactly all the hard work and the tactics I'm writing in this article and I left those narratives in the past! That's the cool thing! We can all make up new stories, even if they aren't 100% true all you have to do is want them to be true, and once you believe them, they become your narrative! It's just that 'simple'.

This is your playbook to freedom: Ditch the old tales. Write a new story. One where you're the hero, not the side character. Because, trust me, once you start believing in YOUR story, that’s when the magic happens.

I hope you find this useful, this content has helped me find a life of freedom, it's my intent it helps you as well! I'm here for you send me an email if you want to connect direcly!

If you would like daily thoughts and insights you can follow me on Instagram @playbooktofreedom I have a free education site on learning to trade the stock market, check it out

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