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The Coach's Coach: Navigating Your Playbook to Freedom

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

I’ll never forget the most expensive coach I ever hired. I won’t discuss his hourly rate specifically, but a lot of money. He was wealthy, he was doing many of the things I wanted to do, and he had built really good systems to where much of his income was passive. The session went great until about mid way through he started talking about his coach. I thought, “Wait a second. My coach has a coach? That means he isn’t good enough to be coaching me.”

"Why am I paying him to coach me, I should be paying his coach!" How silly of me back then… But I tell you the rest of the coaching session I couldn’t shake this thought that my coach had coach. Then it hit me later. Improvement really never ends. There is no perfect state where you suddenly know it all. Not even the greatest coaches will ever stop growing and expanding.

You defintely want a coach who has coaches because I’ve also hired some not so wonderful coaches and there is a common theme with them as well. These guys either never got a coach to continue their growth, or they started getting to comfortable thinking they no longer needed coaching because their ego got in the way. I already know everything I need to know is an awful mindset for anyone to have, including your coach! Those coaching sessions top out pretty quickly. Once they teach what they know there won’t be anymore. Just the same message over and over.

Where am I going with all this, why do you care about my coaching. I’ll tell you why, you need coaching and mentoring in your life. It really is the way to growth and expansion. No matter how strong, great, smart, brave, or stubborn you think you are, having the right mentors pushing and helping you will help you skip some levels. I’ve found that coaching has lifted me up and helped grow to a level I doubt I could ever achieve alone. If I were able to get here on my own it would have taken way longer.

We all love comfort, as humans we seek comfort by design. Without someone pushing us we get used to our job, our body, even our mindset, and we start to remind ourselves how things are ok like this. I can keep doing this. This isn’t so bad.  

Before you know you are the same person you were 5 years ago, you are doing the same things you were 5 years ago and you are looking at others with envy. Wow he’s so lucky, I could never be able to do that,  how can he afford that, how  does he have time to there. I know this because I did this too.

Realize that the perfect time to get started will never happen. You will not find the perfect coach, there will not be the perfect business idea. Perfection doesn’t exist because there are new levels each time you grow. It all starts with taking action. I keep finding new mentors, not because things are going well, or I’m not smart enough, or I don’t know what I’m doing.

I find people who can keep stretching and expanding my comfort zone so I can continue to grow and live up to my full potential.

Hanging around someone who hasn’t grown or expanded year after year gets a little old. You know how you get annoyed when someone tells you the same story over and over?

Don’t let that be you telling that story. Get out there and grow and expand. Your network really is your networth. The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is right now!

I believe in you, I know you can do this. If you want to chat I’m here anytime! If you would like daily thoughts and insights you can follow me on Instagram @playbooktofreedom    I have a free education site on learning to trade the stock market, check it out


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