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The Fundamentals

“the secret to happiness is freedom. and the secret to freedom is courage."- Thucydides


Who is Justin: I will provide more details about my life and my life experiences with each new article, here is a high level overview:

I spent almost 20 years building a career in management while working for a large corporation. I had plenty of savings, no debt, all kinds of material objects, and lots of people I called friends. On paper everything looked great, but inside I felt unhappy and miserable, I had a genuine dislike for the life I built. I based my playbook for life on social norms and labels that were not me.

I clearly remember the day that everything changed. Although I was sitting in a financial planners office, I felt like the quarterback in the Super bowl who just threw a game winning touchdown in the fourth quarter, only problem is I watched the football pass right through the receivers hands and into the hands of the defense who caught the ball and ran it back the length of the field scoring the game winning touchdown.

I was defeated as I left the financial planners office, crushed by their advice to stay in this 'miserable' life for another 5 years. I realized the "game" I had been playing for almost 40 years was not my game at all, and all the "plays" were not from my playbook, I was playing someone else's game and executing someone else's plays. That is the day I decided to become my own head coach for my life and re-write my entire playbook.

I spent the next several years and a LOTS of money learning from coaches I admired, meeting with successful people. I attended summits, retreats and I had many life changing experiences. I spent countless hours of time and hard work, educating and expanding my mind and my views.

I found the freedom I longed for, I rewrote my playbook and currently enjoy the freedom and happiness I always wanted!


What is going on with all this sports talk?

It doesn't matter if you are a sports fanatic or if you have never seen a game in your life. The information I am sharing here will help you find freedom and happiness. I am using sports analogies and American Football terminology as there are a lot of similarities between life and sports. Sports are also entertaining and lighten the content of heavy subjects. (For my European friends, this is the only time I'm saying American Football, it will just be football going forward.)

Below are some of the terms I'm using and how I think about them (just my definitions and opinion). Each article is divided into consistent sections.

Playbook- A book/binder than contains all the plays mentioned above. Head coaches create a lot of different plays, formations, and plans. This book keeps all the players on the same page and directs each player on how to execute their task.

Film Review: before each game the coaches and team review previous games of their opponent, looking for patterns, strengths and weaknesses to build the perfect plays.

Offense Game Plan: When your team has the ball and is trying to score points.

Defense Game Plan: When the other team has the ball and you are trying to stop them or defend yourself from them scoring points.

Special teams: the kicking unit, there are unique specialist roles needed to kick the football. Special teams are not needed as much, but they can win or lose a game.

Audibles: A quarterback sometimes makes a decision to change the play before it starts based on the way the defense looks. This is making a call at the last minute to change the play.

Penalty flags: When someone breaks a rule a yellow flag is thrown out to signify a rules violation.

Hey Coach! Post game interviews where the head coach connects with the public.


My life purpose, my passion, my drive is to empower you to skip so many of the painful levels I've been through and live your best life, a life of freedom sooner than you may think is possible.

I will provide you thought provoking ideas, discussion, strategies and humor to improve your life.

I found my way from underdog to winning the championship of freedom. I want to help you create your own personal playbook for freedom. You will become the head coach of your own life.

Each articles will include a balance of offense, defense, special teams, you will need to make audibles, there will be penalty flags. Follow along and lets design your all star purpose filled life. Let me help you skip some painful and expensive levels.

What if this life is nothing but a game? Be the champion, have fun, and live free! We are only guaranteed this exact moment in time!

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