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The Power of Perspective in Overcoming Life's Challenges

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Wayne Dyer


Pregame Prep (today's overview)

As a stock trader I spend a lot of time analyzing charts and trends to make informed decisions. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned over the years is the importance of zooming out to get a bigger picture view. By looking at longer-term trends and patterns I can make more informed decisions and avoid making impulsive trades based on short-term fluctuations. Sometimes a trade looks great zoomed in, then it looks terrible on different time frames: it's all about perspective.

For all my readers who can care less about the stock market (I know not everyone should be a stock trader) here’s the cool part: What I learned from the stock market applies to life too. The ability to zoom out, to realize how close or far you are from a decision, problem, or goal is just as valuable in life as it is in the stock market! Zooming out on stock chart is a bit ‘easier’ as I can change my view with the click of a button. Obviously in life there aren’t any actual buttons to click, but I’ve learned some tips and tricks over the years, I want you to add these to your playbook and find a whole new perspective.


When we zoom out and back away just a bit we get better perspective. It sounds simple, and it is, it's also easily forgotten if you stay too focused or you are zoomed in too close. When we are too close to an issue often times we add extra emotions and feelings into our decision. We may become reactive rather than proactive, which can lead to negative outcomes. But when we zoom out and look at the bigger picture we can see things more objectively and make decisions based on facts and data, rather than emotions.

When I'm facing a difficult decision in my life, I've learned to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I think about how this decision feels so huge, but in this great big world it might not be as difficult as it feels, and I'm likely not the first person (or the last) who will have a similar decision to make . Similarly, when I'm working towards a financial goal such as saving for a down payment on a house, I will zoom out and look at my overall financial picture and remind myself that small consistent actions add up over time.


Offensive Game Plan (actions to obtain freedom)

One of my best ways to gain perspective is to imagine the problem as if it were happening to someone else. If this were a friend or family member facing the same situation, how would I advise them? By removing myself from the situation I often gain clarity and make better decisions.

Another way I gain perspective is to actually seek out the advice of a trusted friend or mentor. If I'm still having a difficult time after imagining the decision is someone else's to make I will ask someone who is successful, someone I trust for their input. I don't always follow their advice, but again this gives me more perspective. Seeking out diverse viewpoints and opinions helps me broaden my perspective and see things in a new light. You do not have to take the advice, but just think about it!

Defensive Game Plan (actions to defend your freedom)

Do not lose perspective and consider the bigger picture. This includes setting boundaries and remembering to take breaks when needed. It's important to recognize when I am becoming too emotionally invested in a situation and need to step back. By setting boundaries and taking time to recharge, I can avoid burn out and maintain a healthy perspective.

I sleep on it! I know it sounds like the opposite of action but taking a break from the situation allows me to find clarity. I do this for most big decisions and it really works well for me. I found myself making decisions based on impulses or emotions. Giving myself some time and space from issues allows for more clarity and better perspective for me.

When I am dealing with a what feels like a heavy decision in addition to what I wrote above I go outside. Doesn't matter if I'm in the city or the woods. I take a few deep breaths and I look to the sky. I think about how far away the sun or moon is or even how far away a cloud or a tree is. Our ego doesn't want us to think about it, but we (humans) are really small. This world, this universe, this galaxy is big. So if a problem feels heavy or important I'm not saying it is not, all I'm saying is have perspective remember that what feels so big and lonely is something that others have also experienced and it's important to appreciate the perspective of how many atoms, how much space, the distance there is between you and whatever you see.

Post-Game Review (key takeaway)

Perspective has helped me make better decisions in all areas of my life. It's given me the ability to see beyond my immediate field of vision, outside of my emotions and think more objectively about the situation at hand. It's also helped me prioritize what's truly important to me and avoid getting caught up in minor details, comparison, or distractions.

Trading the stock market has taught me the power of zooming out and gaining perspective and by applying this same principle to my personal and professional life I've been able to shift my mindset and make more informed decisions to achieve my goals more effectively. Don't forget how powerful perspective is and start taking a step back to see the bigger picture and gain clarity. By removing ourselves from the situation and looking at it more objectively we will find solutions that were previously invisible. So the next time you're facing a decision that feels heavy or important remember to zoom out, detach yourself emotionally, and gain a new perspective – it might just make all the difference.

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