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Thoughts Beneath the Beachside Umbrella

"Life is not tried it is merely survived. If you're standing outside the fire" Garth Brooks

A beach trip was the perfect prescription for resetting, an opportunity to block out the noise from others and follow my own path. Keep what resonates with you and ignore the rest. Whatever you do follow your own path without apologies!

“you are doing too much”- not all the time!

“you aren’t doing enough” - almost 30 mins in zone 5!

“Go fly a kite”- Gladly!

“you wake up too early”- caught this amazing sunrise

"You are a pigeon not a seagull"- to hell with labels!

“Stop caring so much”- For once I agree :)

Find friends like these migrating birds. At times, you lead with their support; at others, you follow while they cheer you on!

It's ok to get your feet wet and sandy. This could very well be your last time at the beach. Enjoy it. Savor it. Love it.

Have a great week friends! See you next week.

In case no one has told you lately: YOU MATTER, if I can build a life of freedom so can you. YOU GOT THIS! I BELIVE IN YOU!


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