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To Know the Road Ahead: A Mile High Weekend

To Know The Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming Back - Chinese Proverb

These posts are morphing into something way different than they were a year ago. Take something of value, leave what doesn't resonate, as I let you inside my mind with a glimpse into my week.

I'm typing this out from my hotel room in Denver, getting ready for a big weekend. Today's post is related to these proverb I posted at the top. I wonder about the road ahead, am I'm on the 'right' path? Do you wonder if you are on the right path? How do you know?

This week I hosted my first webinar on dividend stocks. If you haven't watched SHAME!!!!! just kidding!!! But seriously check it out.

I've been down the path to building wealth in the stock market, and I showing you how I do it so you can find your path, while avoiding some major dead ends that lead to field of poison ivy... No on wants a field of poison ivy...

Best reminder of the week comes from a post I saw on threads:

No one really knows what they are doing. So when you are asking yourself WTF is this or WTF am I? Its ok. Everyone else just winging it! It's great to know the path other's took, it's also great to blaze your own path from time to time.

I flew out to Denver for a conference on real estate.. That's right, something other than stocks. Do you know millionaires in the US have on average 7 income streams... BUILD MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

Brandon mentioned me in his story! How cool!

I finally get to meet him 1:1 this weekend to let him know how much I appreciate how transparent and real he is with his community. I think people tend to hold back their appreciation when "thank you" takes 2 seconds to say, but the impact it can have lasts forever.

Zone 2 cardio in the terminal

Yeah that's right... Cardio after TSA... Why sit and wait on the flight to board when I can ruck through the airport. Other than a sweaty back 45 minutes later I couldn't find a valid reason...

✈️'s are the best place to work without distractions and with a beautiful view. I spent 3 hours taking some classes and formulating some ideas for the path ahead. Exciting changes and growth is one the way.

Speaking of view I looked out the window to see us racing another southwest plane to Denver! It's almost like our pilot and this pilot already knew the way to Denver. I wonder how they are so sure of the path ahead. How can we find the same certainty in our path?

When I got to Denver I ran over a 5k. Which the Justin of a couple years ago could barely walk fast.

I would have never known just how beautiful this trail is and I wouldn't have seen the 3 parks if I just hung out in the hotel lobby. There is a really nice trail that follows a river, even signs pointing the direction for those who weren't sure of the path forward

This sign and path reminded me of the Chinese Proverb: To Know The Road Ahead, Ask Those Coming Back

In other words, why not ask the people coming back which path leads to the water, and which path leads to the cliff... At least you have an idea, even if you decided to not take their advice.

To get 'better' to grow, learn from people who've already been down the path...

I've been down the path to finding freedom through the stock market, and that is why I'm doing all this. I'm the one coming back from the path you are on.

I'll catch you next week, I'm off to enjoy the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains... If you want to see in real time you should follow me on social If you aren't part of and you want the stock market to me some of your income streams... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? I appreciate you for reading this. I can't believe a single set of eye's sees any of these thoughts that are in my head. But I know there is power in our words, and you have the same power I do! Much Love to you all!


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