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Trading Theta Decay for Kilowatts: Rewarding Myself with a Model Y

"There is no traffic jam along the extra mile." - Roger Staubach


Imagine this - you're sitting in a brand-new car, inhaling the unique smell of fresh leather. The car is yours. And it's not just any car - it's a Tesla. This isn’t just a scene from my daydreams – this was my reality this week. I purchased my first brand-new car in my life - a stunning gray Tesla Model Y, and it was all thanks to my unique approach to financial freedom!

But, let's backtrack a bit. I've always been strict with myself about my wants versus my needs. This was a key part of my playbook to freedom. I don’t think it’s been a bad play; I have no regrets, and I think it should be part of everyone’s playbook. Let’s be real: I still had plenty of things and had some wonderful experiences, just maybe not as lavish or fancy as some of my friends.

I’m at the point in my journey where its time to start enjoying the fruits of my ‘hard’ work. At some point it’s time to enjoy a little.  Dave Ramsey (hate him or love him) says live like no one else so one day you can live like no one else. That’s what I just did! It was very obvious the Tesla Advisor seemed surprised and sort of hinted around at what I do for a living (if she's reading make sure you check out Good Kids Trading) , I gave her my card because I know I can help her and I can help you too! I’ll  get into the infinite banking system in a blog post soon, but I am my own bank. Why pay someone else interest when I can just pay myself first?

Why a Tesla, you may ask? Tesla is not just a car, it reminds me of the technology I had when Android was first released by Google. Tesla is a symbol of forward-thinking, of innovation, and a testament to the power of dreaming big. In the smallest way I can relate to Tesla’s creator, Elon Musk. (I know it’s a big stretch, but go with me here.) I also believe in pushing boundaries, in questioning the status quo, and most importantly in never stopping at 'good enough.' My choice was more than just about the car - it's about enjoy amazing technology and it’s honestly rewarding myself for what I’ve accomplished.

I made this big purchase possible by doing what I have been doing for years – trading in the stock market, investing in real estate, and other passive income streams. I love options trading and theta decay. Theta decay is a term that refers to the decrease in the value of an options contract as it nears its expiration date. By strategically selling options, I leverage theta decay to my advantage, turning it into a consistent and solid stream of income.

As I was explaining to the Tesla Advisor on my trip over to Atlanta to pickup the car I had trades hitting their profits while I wasn't even watching. I make money passively. I don't think people understand they can do this as well, but that's why I started Good Kids Trading to help educate everyone not only can trading make you money, it can be fun.

My journey hasn’t been easy, and it wasn't overnight - years of studying, learning, taking risks, and, yes, even failing, brought me to where I am today. But that makes this moment - the moment where I sit in MY brand-new Tesla that is fully paid for, even sweeter.

So what's the takeaway from all this? It's simple. Financial freedom isn't ALL about amassing wealth or buying things - it's about making choices that resonate with your life's vision and values. It's about not just dreaming but doing. It's about taking action and making things happen. Remember small and consistent actions add up over time.

Today, as I drive down the road in my new Tesla, I feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. I'm grateful for the journey that led me here and excited about where this road will lead.

As always remember your journey to financial freedom, your PlaybookToFreedom, is YOURS.

  1. your road

  2. your rules

  3. your plays

Whether it's buying a Tesla, living a laptop lifestyle, or whatever you want. The choice is yours! Keep dreaming, keep doing, and keep moving forward.  As for me, I'll be enjoying the ride in my new Tesla, knowing that I've earned it, and this is just the beginning of our journey together. I’m here for you, I want you to be more successful than I am!

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