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Urgency: The Game Changer in Your Playbook to Freedom

"Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value." - Jim Rohn

Confession: I’m obsessed with routines. Why? Because I’ve seen the results, and they work for me. Period. As I’ve become laser focused and more serious about my wealth, health and happiness routines have been my North Star. Helping to guide my playbook to freedom.

This week I had a revelation while using autopilot on my new Tesla. This car has changed my routine. Autopilot has changed how I drive, and its taken away some of the urgency I feel when driving. It’s taking care of the steering, the acceleration, navigation. Sure I’m watching, but am I really giving it the attention I did when I was in my 4Runner? NOPE…. When Autopilot disengages it's a different experience, I feel a different level of urgency and attention.

This caused me to realize that a lot of my daily routines have turned from calculated steps to achieving my goals into more of just getting the minimum needed to get it done.

Here's a reality check: daily routines can also backfire by causing us to lose our sense of urgency. Before you know it, you get soft, you blur your longer-term vision, and you find yourself just ticking the box to say you did it. Instead of 2 minutes in the cold plunge, suddenly you're just dipping your toes. You say you are spending time with family and friends, but you are just sitting in the same room both staring at your phone. Those 30 minutes you promised for focused work? Boom! They're hijacked by another useless scroll on Instagram.

Here’s the truth: If you are not living with a sense of intention and urgency, you're wasting your time. Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t all about racing the clock or getting all worked up. It's about remembering WHY you're doing what you're doing in the first place.

Every. Single. Day.

If something’s not pushing you, if it’s not challenging you, then ask yourself, "Why the hell is it in my life?"

My challenge for myself and to you as well: Stop living on autopilot. Stop the half-assing. You’ve got one life. One shot. And trust me, regret is a lot heavier than failure. Don’t just exist in your routines. Dominate them. Be present, be intense, and be urgent about it.

So, my friends: build daily routines because I believe that’s how you win. That's how you build your empire and blueprint your freedom. Just don’t lose the sense of intention and urgency because that's where you find all the power by focusing on the now, not the past, not tomorrow or next month… Right. Now.

Now go out there and crush it with everything you have!


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