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We all have a story, REI Summit, Free Margaritas, Coaching from me?

Today's post is about making an impact, and I'm talking about YOU! Even if I don't know you. You have a story and you can make an impact. There is value to help you build your playbook to freedom, hang with me and let's see what I can do to help you too.

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This week was CRAZY, do you wonder what it's like to build a trading community, coaching others, while trying to hold my personal life together as I complete 75 hard and not lose my mind? You will if you keep reading!

My name is Justin and I'm a coaching and convention addict! I've been to great events and horrible ones. I knew I was in trouble a couple years ago when people were taking stock picks from this puppet. (not even joking)

As I mentioned last week, I was out in Denver for a real estate conference, put on by this guy... Brandon Turner formally the face of bigger pockets has always been a virtual mentor to me.

My buddy Chance (that's his sub stack link, yes I know he doesn't post, but he will subscribe and bully him with me) Chance pointed out Brandon's beard is as big as my head... And yes I have a big head.

Here's the thing about networking events and especially conventions. Yes they are mostly sales pitches. But if you go in with that expectation they are also GREAT for networking.

You get great tidbits from really successful people, all the speakers are available during the event. Brandon talked about naked dudes at the beach. Little strange way to start, but he brought it back.

You meet other people who are willing to travel across the country and spend a couple of thousand dollars and they have a shared interest. In other words you have people who paid to be in the same room you are in. They are motivated, and everyone has a story.

I've been in the Better Life Tribe Mastermind for about one and a half years. It's made a huge impact on my health, wealth and relationships...

My first real meal in Colorado had to be a buffalo.. The waiter told me the beef was actually better, but I explained I'm a tourist and bison is definitely what's for dinner.

Dinner was delicious. How do you know someone is a vegan? They tell you every few minutes... I'm definitely not a vegan. Reference the picture above... But...

How know someone is on 75 hard, the are constantly checking their watch and mentioning their next workout. I spent several mornings at the hotel gym. It was really nice!

Except for the hot tub. Which would have felt great on my muscles if the water wasn't a weird shade of gray.

I'd rather need antibiotics for something more fun... Did I just say that?

I tried to pickup some gold bars from the US Mint one one of my runs. No luck, but I have some call verticals on GLD... So at least I have a position in gold.

One of the guys in my accountability group made it out to the conference. We had a great time. I got to know him really well, he has quite a story about how he made it to America. His family's story makes me appreciate how fortunate, perhaps the more accurate word is lucky I am to have been born where I was. If you read this Neerav I just want you to know you have a story other people need to hear. I told you this already, but I'm telling everyone else.

We played Mario carts at the VIP afterparty.

Remember that big head I mentioned earlier? Well I'm pretty good at Mario Cart.

I wouldn't be a good stock trader if I didn't get a picture of this giant bear peering into the convention center... The stock market was NOT bearish while I was out there, but it's a reminder that the bear's are always watching.

I couldn't resist making a morning run next to this bear so I could get a selfie..

Who smiles with a giant bear staring down on him? I do... BTW I just ran 4 miles before this picture. Who am I?? I can tell you, I'm not the same guy I was a year ago... And bear market's don't scare me. In fact they excite me!

I know this is true. I've seen it happen over 5 times...

Did you read my blog about what I learned from the real estate summit?

Would you like a free margarita? That's what she asked me... Remember I'm on 75 hard. No alcohol on 75 hard... Who offers you free margaritas' in hotel lobby. Wait don't answer that... I said no thanks.

I attended a worship service at a real estate conference. It's been far too long. It was a great service!

A quick selfie with about 600 new friends and it's time to head home.

This is a jet bridge... Yeah... I didn't care what it's called either... UNTIL

It's We were on the runway... cleared for takeoff... It was about 10pm... The flight was already delayed 1 hour 58 minutes... when suddenly..

first maintenance man...

another one.. apparently that jet bridge made contact with the aircraft on my flight home...

1 hour later.. The third maintenance guy was smiling... It was almost midnight and I was not smiling... Until we made it back to Birmingham's "international" airport at 2am...

Where most of the lights were off... Because who gets back at 2am? But then my smile got bigger when I saw this:

There is my ride... Waiting for me. My first brand new car... That I paid for by selling options. I know people claim to make a lot of money in the stock market... But I legitimately show you how I do it, so you can do it too...

It's all at sometimes it's feel so lonely building a community...

but then I'm reminded that people really do listen to me, and they know I can help them.

That's why I've setup a calendly because I have so many people wanting more information 1:1 it's become impossible to keep up manually sharing times.

Do you want to know if the two of us would be a good fit for coaching or how I can help you? feel free to setup a discovery call.

I'm leaving you a sunrise picture from my morning walk. Because every day is a new beginning.. And it's important you take a little time to enjoy the view.

If you made it this far thanks for reading this, it means more to me than you can possibly know. See you next week.

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