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Your Dreams are Yours Alone - Stand in Your Truth

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." - Steve Jobs


Pregame Prep (today's overview)

Sometimes our goals and our dreams get influenced by other people, or we chase shiny things that don't really matter. I've seen my ego gets in the way of dreams and goals. Let's explore if you are getting sidetracked by comparisons, ego, or simply focusing on what sounds good, rather than on what genuinely aligns with your "why"? I know this was an issue for me: once I realized it, and took control of my gameplan everything changed! Today lets review these important questions and topics to ensure you are planning your goals and dreams on things that move you forward in this journey through life.

Film Review (my experience)

When I first wrote my eulogy, I found myself detailing possessions and ideas that did not resonate with my true purpose. I wrote things I thought other people wanted to hear, and had lots of details about dreams other people had for me. I saw what my mentors were doing and what they had and I tried to make them part of my dreams and goals. I had details about a portfolio of 100 rental houses I had that honestly, I could care less about. My ego kicked into high gear, and I started creating details around material possessions and random ideas that really did not align with my 'why'. When I look back, I realized my eulogy was written by me but for someone else. 

It wasn't until I took ownership of my goals and shifted my focus to my "why" that I found real success and fulfillment. The things in my eulogy now are aligned to my purpose, my desires, and my why. As I reflect on it once a year I actually notice how many things are already occurring in just a few short years!


Many people share this antidote and I think it's pretty accurate. When you are heading to a destination and you aren't sure of the way you open your phones navigation and you enter the final destination. You don't search for every side street on the way to your destination, and if the road is blocked or there is an accident you might have to go a different route (take a detour). You still make it to your destination It just might take a little longer.  Apply this to your life and your goals: don't get so caught up in the plan that you see detours as failures. 

This antidote has been a good reminder when things don't always go my way. And let's be clear: things don't always go my way. My playbook to freedom hasn't been this easy walk along a beach. My life now involves nice walks along beaches from time to time. But they're still plenty of difficult times where it feels like I'm crawling on my hands and knees through mud puddles as well. I like to remind myself It's okay to get knocked down to feel defeated but it's not okay to stay down. 


Offensive Game Plan (actions to obtain freedom)

Get Specific: To achieve true freedom, you must be specific about your "why" and I can’t stress this enough it has to be YOUR 'why'. Get specific about what you know to be true in your heart. When you identify your purpose, everything else falls into place.

Ask yourself regularly, "Why?" Keep breaking down your goals until you run out of "whys." Do this exercise quarterly or yearly to stay on track.

Write your eulogy! It is the most powerful tool in planning your life decisions and goals. Once you identify your "why," you can filter every decision and goal to determine if it aligns with your purpose.

Listen to your heart more and your brain less. There is a lot of clarity when you get out of your head and start listening to the pure intention and love of your heart.

Defensive Game Plan (actions to defend your freedom)

Your goals and your why are yours I'm repeating this because it really is important. What you truly want is no one else's business. You do not have to justify or defend your goals or 'why' if it truly comes from your heart. 

Focus on yourself: When you have a family and children sometimes your ‘why’ gets cloudy and you get focused on your responsibilities and commitments to others. This is understandable and I'm not suggesting neglecting them or your responsibilities! Not at all, I'm reminding you it's important to be true to yourself as well. When you focus on yourself it feel selfish. But selfishness doesn't have to be negative, when you take care of yourself you can take care of others!

Avoid the comparison trap. Refocus on your "why" and your heart's desires. Appreciate your journey and the opportunity to learn from those ahead of you. Do not think you aren't successful because you aren’t where your mentors are. The sooner you realize this isn't an accurate measurement, and you refocus yourself back to your ‘why’, back to what your heart really desires you're going to find comparison to be irrelevant. Instead of thinking why don't I have that fancy boat or car.. just enjoy hanging out with your friend who does on their fancy boat! It's not a race it's a journey.

Penalty Flag: (do not break these rules)

Don't worry about every side street along the way to your destination; detours may happen, but they don't equate to failure. Remember, it's okay to get knocked down and feel defeated, but it's not okay to stay down. Keep trying, keep going after all consistency is key.

Post-Game Review (key takeaway)

I know for me I got caught up in dreams and desires that weren't really important. They sounded good they felt good at the moment, but at the same time the shine and the glimmer would have worn off. And I would have been left with an empty feeling in the end because my dreams weren't for me. They were not associated to my why and my function.

Get super specific on your why. Put in your final destination (your big goals) Then start working backwards. As the saying goes how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You don't worry about the detours, accidents, mistakes you make.. You're going to make mistakes some of them are going to be big mistakes.. It sucks. It hurts. It feels bad. Acknowledge the feeling of being down but then get back up. 

If you don't have faith in this process fake it until you make it! Always remember it's okay to change your plans, don't let anyone judge you or shame you over your dreams. Focus on your why and try to take steps to the final destination with the belief that God/universe/source/destiny/chance/science will take you were you are meant to be. This is the key to your playbook to freedom.

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