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Zero to Zen: Awaken Your Potential, Love, and Purpose

As I’m walking around this meditation garden right next to a Buddhist temple, I find myself in deep thought. I’m contemplating the meaning of my life in this human experience: why am I here, is my purpose on track, and what can I do for you. Yup, you sitting there, reading this!

You might think, "Woah, Justin's gone off the deep end!" Nah, it's just how I roll on Wednesdays. Heck, was it even Wednesday? I 100% had to check my phone because I have no idea what day it is and really who cares? I'm not chained to a 8-5 anymore, and it feels GOOD.

In a prior blog, I talked about keeping an open mind. So don’t get all defensive on me now just because I'm sharing about a different religion. Lose the labels! If you've been reading any of my stuff, you'll know I can't stand the boxes we put ourselves in, and the boxes others tend to put us in!

How did I end up in at a Buddhist temple in Gainesville, Florida? Good question: this week I cruised down from Birmingham to Orlando in that brand new Tesla that I wrote about a couple weeks ago. And, before you come at me with the airplane vs gas car vs electric car debate, save it. Not only do I not care, I've engineered my life for time freedom yes I know airplanes are faster captain obvious, and gasoline cars fill up quicker than charging batteries. I’m honestly not in a hurry, no flex, just facts. But just know if I can find this time freedom, so can you. Get your playbook right! (checkout for a passive income stream)

So back to the reflection in the garden… It really all comes down to love. Not that mushy, romantic stuff, but REAL love. It not in the words, its in the actions. Love doesn't care about languages or borders, it’s from your heart. It’s the unsaid stuff - a mother’s hug, that friend who's has your back when you’re down or even if you’re wrong, it’s the silent understanding look from your partner. Love's the real MVP in life; it’s the language the whole world gets.

Buddha had a mission: to awaken. And as I stood there, amidst all that serenity, I thought, "What's sleeping inside of me?" (You should be asking yourself the same.) Enough with the excuses! No more of the "I don’t have time" or "I'm broke"(I lost that internal dialogue long ago, but so many still have it). Flip the script. Make time, hustle, and get after it! Wake up to your potential, spread love, be the love!

It doesn’t matter what religion, creed, or background. Love and positivity beat fear and negativity every time. Period… that’s it!

Ask yourself these questions to build your playbooktofreedom

  • What do I need to awaken inside me?

  • Where am I sleeping in the same habits I’ve built every day and now I’m too comfortable?

  • Where can I use my time better?

  • What sets me on fire, and gives me the desire to move forward?

  • How can I build passive income streams?

Bottom line: I genuinely appreciate and love you all. I encourage you to pour your light and your love into the world! Check out some pictures from my meditation garden experience below. And if you're curious about these statues shipped over from Vietnam, there's more info right here!

Wake up, spread love, be love, and stop playing small!


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